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Avoiding High Employee Turnover

Hello Chief talk about their Core Elements – how these will support you on avoiding employee turnover and increase employee retention.


Along with our CEO and core team, we have a top talented associate network who will journey with you, bringing shared learning and bespoke solutions into your business. We work as part of your Leadership Team, the difference being, we are a cost effective resource your business can leverage at a price and a pace that suits you.  

Lastly, we work with Hyper Growth businesses too, Hello Chief alongside Growth Path Partners can take your business on that journey supporting both organic and acquisition expansion. 


We're constantly asked the same questions by business owners. From HR matters to self improvement we've dealt with them all. What questions do you want answering?

What are the benefits of an employee handbook?

The handbook is a very valuable document for your business and its employees. It generates clear concise communication that is full of important information, policies and procedures which are consistent and standardised for all employees. It serves as a legal protection, outlining expectations, this is very helpful to protect in case of disputes or legal issues that arise with employees. At Hello Chief we advocate businesses use this document as an onboarding tool, a reference guide and we also build in and articulate the company’s mission, values, and culture – helping all employees understand what the business stands for driving behavior and work ethic.

What HR AI do I need to be thinking about for my business?

Depending on what stage your businesses is at, Hello Chief will start by accessing your current HR processes, the pain points, and the goals, this will help us determine which areas need focus. HR AI is broad ranging from streamlining talent and recruitment, onboarding, engagement, performance, compensation, employee self service solutions. For larger businesses, analytics and reporting data with interactive dashboard and metrics can support data delivery and help the business make better informed decisions.

How can we compensate our employees fairly, with the limited budgets we have as a start up?

This is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent and its imperative to do your research. Hello Chief help you to create clearly defined job descriptions, setting budgets, ensuring your workforce are productive vs the cost. We also review variable compensation packages and we have some intel on quick and easy wins for benefits and perks to enhance the overall package and feel proud to shout about it.

What is the best and most efficient way to appraise my employees?

The process Hello Chief adopt is a well-structured approach, its simple but effective. We set clearly defined roles, set goals against the roles, set up regular feedback sessions throughout the year, which makes the annual process much less laborious. Throughout this process we also define development plans using the GROW model for some added coaching sessions with the team to support them reaching their goals.


Charlotte Farrell

Charlotte has 15 years experience in Operations and HR (CIPD level 7 qualified) leading and enhancing teams across a variety of business sectors.

Charlotte is outcome orientated and brings objective, smart and commercial thinking to the heart of people operations and planning.

Having found work life balance, Charlotte enjoys riding horses in the Andalucian mountains, singing and spending time with her Spanish water dog, Ronnie.


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