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CALLING ALL STARTUP CEO’s – We are here to help you!

Why a Start Up Business needs a dedicated HR resource from the get-go?

When a new CEO starts a business, it’s all very shiny and exciting. Most CEOs are busy focusing on sales and the development of the service or product, and rightly so! However, much like a house needs foundations to stand strong for many years, so does your startup business.

We presume your business has a plan, right? We also presume that growth and people are part of that plan.

As your business grows, your approach to people will need to evolve.

Hello Chief works with you and your plan to develop and customise a people strategy that aligns with your business goals. This includes workforce planning, HR processes, performance management, and the impact of AI on your business from a people perspective.

We also understand that adaptation and flexibility need to be considered as plans change and you scale quickly – we are here for you at every moment to support, guide, and advise.

Startup businesses often face budget constraints, and investing in HR expertise may not be the number one priority. However, investing in HR from the beginning will ultimately save you time and money and ensure long-term success for your business. Hello Chief provides you with access to your own dedicated Chief People Officer, an HR expert with the experience of a board-level HR professional, offered at a price and pace that suits your business – giving you access to HR expertise on an as-needed basis and saving you money.

Hello Chief supports you with our affordable services, designed with startups and budget constraints in mind:

  1. HR – Expertise and Experience
    We partner with you, bringing a wealth of knowledge, best practices, compliance expertise, and insights into industry trends that startups often lack, giving you a competitive advantage.
  2. Legal and Compliance
    We provide a partner to support you in navigating the complex landscape of employment laws and regulations.
  3. Time
    HR can be seen as time-consuming and not a core activity for many businesses. However, we handle this for you, allowing you to focus on selling, building, and creating.
  4. People
    As your startup team grows, we assist you in developing effective recruitment strategies, streamlining the hiring process, and providing guidance on hiring top talent. We also support with onboarding to help new employees integrate into your company’s culture.
  5. Employee Relations
    Once you’ve hired your first employee, it’s crucial to look after both your employees and your business. We offer support in handling employee relations, conflicts, and grievances, providing guidance through any challenges that may arise.

While you may be hesitant to invest in HR, we assure you that the benefits will outweigh the costs. By building strong foundations, ensuring compliance, and fostering a positive workplace culture, you will ultimately pave the way for a growing, successful business.



Avoiding High Employee Turnover

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